Daniel Owen van Dommelen

Daniel, ex-programmer, some-times drummer, and founder of Fighting Badgers, wrote and directed The Ipanema File. He is responsible for visual effects, and has produced quite a few tutorial videos since starting this project. Here are his thoughts on working on The Ipanema File…

Favorite Scene from The Ipanema File?
  • Well I was only in one scene so… No, seriously, I think my favorite scene took place on a rooftop, and featured quite some rain. Then there was the marina/beach scenes which were very intense and powerful. I also very much liked the intensity of the warehouse scene that wasn’t quite a warehouse, and the surrealistic moment of filming a scene next to a car that isn’t there, and coming back to my original lame joke, I actually did feel very great about the stage show scene as well. Then again, I actually like all of the scenes, which is kind of my job, if done correctly…
Any funny one-liners from set?
  • Yes.
Favorite Potential Blooper/Outtake?
  • Has to be, bar none, the time one of the characters got a little carried away in the moment and figured it was a good idea to make a gun sound when “shooting” the fake pistol in his hands. I think it was done for reference-sound.
Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?
  • My wonderful cast and crew.
Did you learn anything from The Ipanema File shoot?
  • Don’t underestimate how important motivation is for the actors.
Favorite Ice-cream?
  • Whatever we can get cheaply from the off-license, script not withstanding.