Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald plays a hatless (and slightly hapless) policeman in The Ipanema File. He was only with us on set for one day, but here is what he had to say about the experience…

Favourite scene from The Ipanema File?

  • My scene! I haven’t been involved in any of the others so I don’t know how they went.

Favourite potential blooper/outake?

  • We had a lot of fun figuring out our scene and improvising with the policeman-loses-his-hat scenario we were given. It will be really fun to see which bit’s make the final cut.

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

  • My battery extender for my phone. I use my phone for everything from learning lines to getting public transport directions to get to set (and getting home afterwards).

Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot?

  • I have never really done much improv on camera before but found out it was actually really fun

Favourite Ice-cream?

  • Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey!