Anthony Chisholm

Anthony Chisholm plays the second policeman in The Ipanema File, alongside Tim Mcdonald.

Favourite scene:

  • The bizarre yet funny scene with the clown. For me, It stood out in the script even before filming began.

Potential bloopers:

  • Didn’t see much action as I only worked on set for one day, but I’m looking forward to any fight/gun scene bloopers. (Just you wait Anthony! – Fighting Badgers)

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

  • Normally I wouldn’t leave the house for a shoot without my ‘Boots anti dry mouth/breath freshener’ For Ipanema Files I also couldn’t of possibly left the house without my police hat or CS gas. We didn’t use CS gas on set but it was very handy for getting through the tube crowds on the way there.

Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot?

  • On the Ipanema Files I learnt that doing surreal scenes are slightly addictive. I’ve craved and done more surreal scenes since that last day. I’ve also learnt that Daniel puts together a great team. They were a pleasure to work with since the first house meeting.

Favourite Ice-cream?

  • Oh yes, Ice Cream!… Rum & Raisin