IndieBoogie: A closer look

Indieboogie, the new film production platform from Fighting Badgers, has been live for a whole 2 weeks and a lot has been going on since we launched!

We made a new tutorial video, which hopefully explains things more clearly… and then promptly redesigned the whole site so it looks nothing like the video… No fear, all the features are still there, and hopefully even easier to find!

The script upload now supports .pdf as well as .txt, and we are working on importing from scriptwriting platforms such as Final Draft and Celtx.

The search function has been overhauled, as we see more and more people playing with the community features  – there is now a map search in What’s Happening, so you can see more easily who’s looking for what in your local area. Soon all requirements posted will show the schedule status of the production, so you never need worry that you’re applying for something that has already happened!

Click on the camera to see all the requests in that area

Click on the camera to see all the requests in that area

Finally, we had our first write-up a few days ago, from I’m With Geek who really liked what we were doing, so that was a happy end to our first 2 weeks!


So what are you waiting for? If you are a film-maker in pre-production, or still building momentum towards your next project, check out IndieBoogie today and see how much easier things could be!