Josh Harvey

Josh Harvey, of Crixton Films, and as seen in this BMW ad, answered our questions on his time with us on The Ipanema File
Favourite scene from The Ipanema File?
  • Hello There, One of my favourite moments is when you first meet my character and I survive a near miss from Joseph’s cars. If you look hard enough you may see the genuine fear in my eyes from Simeon “safe” driving.
Any funny one-liners from set?
  • I most enjoyed eating a dandelion dress as an evil clown, this was funny on set, but could be creepy for the viewer.
Favourite potential blooper/outake?
  • High fived a drunk in the park as I exited a scene.

(Note from Rosie: This was brilliant! If only we could have caught it on film! This was no ordinary drunk, this was a Stockwell Special…)

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?
  • One of those useless books you see by the toilet. For this shoot that was ‘a survival situation guide’ I can escape bees!
Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot?
  • You can find props and costume everywhere. We going my suitcase for the scene, on the curb.
And last but not least: Favourite icecream?! 
  • Bubble Gum, had it once abroad. Was the bomb.