Alan Harman

Alan Harman plays Max Duffy in The Ipanema File

Favourite scene from The Ipanema File?:

  • That would have to be the [spoiler removed] Joseph. (But of course I only saw/was in 2 scenes.)

Any funny one-liners from set?

  • ‘Mmmmm, great, but I think, maybe, we might need, to try that scene again!’ Daniel (Director) ……..After I had screwed up a take.

Favourite potential blooper/outake?

  • Finding a different picture for every take of my being handed the file detailing my extra-marital affair and laughing in anticipation of what might be coming next.

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

  •  I always carry a bag of props with me but invariable the thing we could do with on the day isn’t in it.
Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot?
  •  I am definitely losing my hair. And it only started after taking up acting again.
Favourite ice-cream?!
  • Soft vanilla 99.