Katie O’Connor

Katie plays Daisy, Joseph’s ‘significant other’ in The Ipanema File – here’s what she had to say about working with us!

Favourite scene?

  • I of course totally loved [SPOILER REMOVED] during the shoot, especially the shot where I am looking dead into the lens.

Any funny one-liners?

  • There were loads when Simeon was trying to stir Roz up ( poor Roz)

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

  • I could never forget my eyeliner when we were on set, that badboy and I were inseparable.

Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot? 

  • I learn that smoking indoors was the perfect substitute for a haze machine :p

Favourite Ice-cream?

  • MANGO SORBET -mmmmmmmmmmm