Kat Amiri

Kat plays Ava in The Ipanema File, a woman linked to the protagonist Joseph in two ways – she not only shares an office with him, but also lives with daisy, the girlfriend he refuses to commit to. Here’s what she had to say about her time on The Ipanema File:

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

  • I’d never leave the house without my lip balm and water.
Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot? 
  • I learnt a lot during the shoot, a few technical bits about the shooting process that I think it’s good for the actors to be aware of as well as been given the opportunity to work on my character and her relationships with two other characters in particular and then bringing that to life in a short amount of time.

Favourite ice-cream?

  • My favourite ice cream is whatever looks the sweetest and most sickly!