Zsolt Feher

Zsolt was quite a last minute addition to the Ipanema File team, but he showed up on the first day and got straight to work – he came aboard as a gaffer, but we quickly realised he was also a genius lighting technician, and it’s safe to say Fighting Badgers would love to work with him again! Anyway, he took the time to answer our questions, so here they are:

Favourite scene from The Ipanema File? 

  • Favourite scene to me was the beach shot under the pier. Anna became a heroine to me 🙂

Any funny one-liners from set? 

  • Funny one liner was Jim ‘Camerasutra’ when he described the situation of always the worst position give you the best shot. He stood in a bush.

Jim in a Bush

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?
  • A roll of Gaffa Tape – as we know if it’s not working you didn’t use enough gaffa.

Did you learn anything during The Ipanema File shoot? 

  • I learned names became very good friends. Danny, Jim and Geraint is a great input on my life.

Favourite ice-cream?

  • Ice cream: Everything with red fruit in it. + Ben and Jerry’s one with brownie, can’t remember its name – Fudge Brownie maybe.